About us

ANESU CONSULTING  is a 100% female owned company. We specialise in Accounting, Tax Planning and Audit Advisory Services. We are focused on providing a cost effective service that will suit the needs and budget of any company or individual taxpayer.

Our aim is to take the administrative workload off the shoulders of the entrepreneur so that you can concentrate on the core business activities. We endeavour to sustain ourselves with committed clients who become loyal to us through our understanding of their needs as well as superior and honest service. We strive to provide you with the best possible service and peace of mind. We achieve this goal by providing all our clients with a fast, reliable and accurate service.


Effective use of time
48 Hours turnaround guarantee
Timely financial information
A dedicated team

Our Mission

  • To provide cost effective services,
  • Treat our clients’ needs and expectations with diligence and care
  • Reward our clients loyalty with superior service
  • To assist business owners to realize the true performance of their business through accurate, dependable and affordable bookkeeping and accounting services.
  • We aspire to provide friendly, reliable and professional service at all times.

Our Objectives

  • To be the best and most reliable service provider
  • Provide peace of mind for our clients so they concentrate on the business while we cater to their admin needs.

To ensure customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer services

  • Uphold excellent customer services
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What else we provide?


  • Registration of Trusts
  • Tax Planning


  • Registration of PTY,CC,NGO
  • Amendments to Companies and CC
  • Cipro Annual Returns


An audit of the annual financial statements is beneficial to an entity not only from the attest function provided by the auditors but also the value adding product of the auditor’s risk based approach carried out during the audit.

Anesu Consulting was established in 2012.We have qualified and experienced accountants who are registered with either South African Institute of Accountants (SAICA) or South African Institute of Professional Accounts (SAIPA).Our Tax Practitioners are registered with the Soith African Institute of Tax (SAIT).

Our team